Hammering Irons (Auspocheisen) for Insides
Hammering Irons (Auspocheisen) for Insides
OMalle Brass

Hammering Irons (Auspocheisen) for Insides

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A staple tool in Europe that has yet to make its way to the U.S… until now. These irons are meant to be used by filling the tube with Cerrobend and striking with a hammer to force out dents or waves. They can also be used over mandrels or as hollow burnishers. This set is for inside forming only. They can be used as burnishers on the outside of bends

This set contains the following sizes:

.500 in

.5625 in

.625 in

.6875 in

.750 in

.875 in

1.00 in

These irons are currently only available as a set. All products are made in the USA from Quality steel.