About us

I started learning to repair and manufacture brass instruments when I was 15 years old using limited tooling. Ever since I have worked tirelessly to collect a diverse collection of tooling and learn the necessary skills to tackle any task


We specialize in the design and development of components and tooling to make musical instruments. Whether it is a one off reproduction of an obsolete part or a production run of a component I am equipped to do it.


In addition to direct to customer sales, I have started to offer Bells to other boutique makers and manufacturers. Currently I am equipped to make bells for trumpet and french horn. Coming soon are bells for trombone and flugelhorn. Our bells are standard in one piece, but two piece bells are available by request. If you have a bell design you would like to have made we are equipped to handle all mandrel and tool making. Please inquire about cost of having a mandrel developed.


Currently in development is a double horn. There has been over 7 years of work put into its development so far and we are looking forward to its completion later this year. This horn will be an innovative take on the Geyer wrap keeping the intent of the wrap the same but changing some key aspects.


We also make historical reproductions from a few different eras from the baroque period to the romantic era. All of my period instruments (and more) are sold through Dr. James Hampson of Hampson Horns. Uhlmann Natural Horn - Viennese Replicas made by Miles O'Malley (Total Cost $5,500) — Hampson Horns


To follow our work check out our YouTube channel where we have a bit of fun and show how we do what we do. Miles O'Malley - YouTube