About us

Founded in 2014, O'Malley Brass Instruments specializes in the design and development of components and tooling to make musical instruments. Whether it is a one off reproduction of an obsolete part or a production run of a component, we are equipped to do it.

In addition to direct to customer sales, we offer Custom Bells to other boutique makers and manufacturers. Currently we are equipped to make bells for trumpet, trombone, french horn, and flugelhorn. Our bells are standard in one piece, but two piece bells are available by request. If you have a bell design you would like to have made we are equipped to handle all mandrel and tool making. Please inquire about cost of having a mandrel developed. 

Currently in production is an O'Malley Brass original Orchestra Tenor Trombone, 100% Made in Chicago available exclusively at The Brass Ark. We also make historical reproductions from the baroque period to the romantic era. All of our period instruments (and more) are sold through Dr. James Hampson of Hampson Horns.

We're currently located in the historic Beverly Shear Co building, built in the late 1800s in South Side, Chicago. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up-to-date on all the fun projects going on here! 

Miles O'Malley

Owner, Instrument Maker

Owner and founder of the company, Miles started to learn repair and manufacture of brass instruments when he was a teen using limited resources. Since then, he has worked tirelessly to assemble a diverse collection of tooling and learned the necessary skills to tackle any task. If you can pull him away from his machines long enough, Miles also loves a good round of billiards. Miles currently holds an Olive Garden breadstick eating record of 13. ** and Half a dish of chicken alfredo, (6 breadsticks equivalent)**

Adam Bender

Bell Maker, Engraving Specialist

A jack of all trades, Adam has been with the company since 2018. Adam specializes in everything Miles will give him, having a hand in every stage of the bell making process. All custom engravings are done by his hand. Outside of work, you can find him building Legos or playing with his precious cat, Deku.

Dave Paul, covered in buffing compound, holding pan of freshly buffed brass parts

Dave Paul

Assembly/Repair Specialist

An integral part of O'Malley Brass, Dave lends his expertise in all repairs brought to us. Whether running machines, assembling instruments, or drawing tubes, you can count on consistent and high quality work. He has gone above and beyond to show his value. Aside from the Company, Dave is an outdoorsman - ask him for his favorite biking trails.

Hayley Hinton

Office Administrator

Hayley is the newest member of the team. She helps manage the daily flow and keeps the boys in line. In her free time she is on a quest to crochet the world into a better place.

We are happy to help with any questions or concerns! We are always looking for feedback on any improvements we can make. Please reach out today for suggestions or custom requests.