Handcrafted Products

We specialize in the design and development of components and tooling to make musical instruments. Whether it is a one off reproduction of an obsolete part or a production run of a component, we are equipped to do it. Send us an email for information on custom or bulk orders.

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in house

Repair and Restoration

Full Service Cleaning

  • Disassembly of entire instrument
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Valves oiled and slides greased
  • Piston instruments reassembled with new felts & corks
  • Rotary instruments reassembled with new bumpers & strings
  • All piston and rotary instruments are given a precision valve alignment
  • Water key corks and springs as needed
  • All instruments are hand-polished as a final step
  • All instruments given a final play-test

Dent Work

  • All necessary equipment available to fix dents of all shapes and sizes.


  • Repair and replace old or worn out solder joints.

Parts Replacement

  • Repair and replace lead pipes, braces, valves and more as needed.

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