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O'Malley Brass Instruments

O'Malley Baroque Horn

O'Malley Baroque Horn

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This horn is sold exclusively through James Hampson of Hampson Horns.

For more information, or to place your order please contact him here:


Hand built in Chicago, Hampson Horns partnered with builder Miles O’Malley to create this amazing baroque horn. Ideal for the high works of Bach, Handel, Telemann, et al. Built after the prototype that Lowell Greer made for his amazing adaptation of a Buchschwinder horn.

Base model comes with corpus at A=415, G master crook, 2 couplers for F & D, 2 telescopic tuning bits for modern and historic shank mouthpiece, and 3 internal tuning bits. Prices for the base model and additional keys '“a la carte” as follows:


Base Model - $4,000 for G, F & D

Please contact us if you want any of the following keys:

  • C Alto Crook - $125

  • Bb Alto Crook - $155

  • A Crook - $175

  • E Coupler - $100

  • Eb Coupler - $100

  • C Basso Coupler - $100 (adds to D coupler)

Complete Horn from C alto through Bb basso - $4,755


If you require vent holes for “bells up” playing, prices are as follows:

  • Vent Holes for G, F, E, Eb, D - $25 per hole

  • Vent Holes for C Alto, Bb Alto, A - $75 per hole

Complete Horn with 8 vent holes - $5,000

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