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O'Malley Brass Instruments

O'Malley-Uhlmann Natural Horn

O'Malley-Uhlmann Natural Horn

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This horn is sold exclusively through James Hampson of Hampson Horns.

For more information, or to place your order please contact him here:

Presenting the Uhlmann natural horn, a replica Viennese natural made by Miles O’Malley, collaborating with renowned natural horn builder Richard Seraphinoff and Dr. James Hampson at Hampson Horns. This natural horn plays very well, with every part hand-made by Miles O’Malley.

What’s special about this instrument is the small Vienna bore size (.422”/10.72mm) paired with a larger throat, 11.2”/28.45cm bell, and large nickel silver garland, creating a very resonant and sonorous instrument. Hand stopping works great with a secure harmonic series. Measurements were taken from several Viennese horns from the 1840’s-1890’s. Similar measurements on natural horns started in the late 18th century and these designs are still used today on pumpenvalve Vienna horns. Great for playing Romantic natural horn literature, and also amazing for Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, etc.

Price list as follows:


Total Cost: $5,500 (plus shipping)

  • Corpus (A=440): $3,750

  • Standard Crook/Coupler Set: $1,600

    • Bb alto - $120

    • A - $230

    • G - $245

    • F - $325

    • Eb - $380

    • Half-step Coupler for E/D - $100

    • Perfect 4th Coupler for C/Bb Basso - $200

  • Long A=430 Slide: $150


Additional Crooks/Couplers “a la carte” if desired:


  • Ab - $240

  • E - $370

  • D - $390

  • C Basso - $600

  • Coupler for Bb Basso from C - $150

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