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O'Malley Brass Instruments

Trumpet Bells, One Piece

Trumpet Bells, One Piece

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All bells are made to order using traditional and modern methods. These bells are made using a butt seam which results in a more vibrant and stress free bell. Bells are bent and polished prior to shipping. Custom bending options are available.


Please contact us if you are interested in a custom bell diameter, bead material, rim shape, seam position, or bending pattern. We will contact you by email to specify order details after purchase. Unless specified, bells will be made with a side seam, square bend, steel wire, and 4-7/8" diameter (with the exception of the Hollywood #3 and Constellation, which are 5-1/8").


We also produce custom mandrels and bending forms to client specifications. Contact us for more details.


Current lead times are 6-8 weeks.

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