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O'Malley Brass Instruments

Water Soluble Bending Matrix

Water Soluble Bending Matrix

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For use in bending metal tubes, the O’Malley Brass original recipe for Water Soluble Bending Matrix is easier, cleaner, and safer than options such as pitch. No industrial freezers or safety equipment is required to use. Simply mix with water, pour into your annealed tube, freeze, bend, then thaw and rinse. Our product is safe to touch and rinse down the drain, or leave it to dry and reuse the powder! 

We add a purple dye to ensure that the compounds in the pre-made mix are distributed evenly, ensuring a consistent use. Maximum effective bending diameter is 1.0’’ and we have had success with bend radii as small as 1.25’’. Sold in 1, 5, 10, and 25 lb quantities with bulk discounts available. 

A large part of bending parts is the fixturing. We can make custom tools and fixtures to aid bending with a variety of options.

We welcome any feedback and are happy to answer any questions about the use and applications of our product. Follow the link below for mixing instructions. 

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    "O'Malley's Water Soluble Bending Matrix is an excellent tube bending compound we use in the SaxProShop when manufacturing saxophone necks. [...] We found that this compound is more consistent in keeping tubing from collapsing than pitch, with fewer wrinkles and less distortion overall."